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Happy New Year!

Well here I step gently back into the blogging sphere. I am a bit apprehensive. I am not sure what I am willing or able to commit to here. I feel my life has flipped around.

Dad telling me stories over Christmas.

Dad telling me stories over Christmas.

A childhood Christmas.

A childhood Christmas. I am the one in the middle.

In December life finally made me realize that I was fighting a current, trying to paddle paddle as hard as I could against the flow. Perhaps instead of fighting the current I could get where I want to go much easier if I simply flowed with the current? What I am trying to say is that homeschooling/being-a-mom is my focus. It is a passion of mine as well as writing and I was trying to make writing a priority and family life was constantly pushing its way into writing. I was resentful and frustrated with my family’s darn interruptions yet I know I am going to miss them terribly when I don’t have them anymore.

Making our first gingerbread house. Hopefully the beginning of a tradition.

Making our first gingerbread house. Hopefully the beginning of a tradition.


Over the last month I have really settled into this idea that I am going to let writing be mostly for me while I keep up with your stories.


I began working with a writing coach at the end of 2012 to complete Sunlight. It didn’t feel like a good way to end the year in a way. She made me realize that I had to start my book over. While this is good news, and I totally respect her opinion, it was a real bummer to put it mildly.

Brooke asked me if I wanted to write about my marriage, parenting or burnout … I realized I was all over the place and this is why Sunlight seemed so confusing and, well, too much for me. Cause it is too much. I do believe I have a new plot now. Well not a new plot but an adjusted, more focused one and I hope I can share these new changes and chapters with you in the weeks and possibly months to come as I get back on the Sunlight project. I would love your advice as well.

Between working on Sunlight privately, journalling (I have the book The New Diary by Tristine Rainer – love her thoughts on writing!), focusing on my family (I am starting a daycare and a Waldorf co-op), plus running two memoir writing groups,  I will not be blogging as often but I will do my darndest to keep up with everyone else’s wonderful and inspiring stories.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Marlene!

    Happy 2013! What a fun, bittersweet & honest post! You have a lot going on little lady! Hey, the best women do. You’ve got a lot of energy to share. It’s my job to encourage you to reserve energy for your manuscript. You’re really rewriting? I’ve heard that is the task that most of us face. Already I know that I must rewrite the first thirty or so pages of memoir. Why? Because it’s crap (mostly)–I didn’t know how to write yet. That was me teaching myself how to write. In the first thirty pages. Ha.

    I wish I could attend one of your workshops! That is truly amazing. As is your being an active, attentive and loving daughter and mother (as seen in the pics!), among other things.

    I am in a huge period of transition–trying to decide where to live while I pursue my writing career. What I’m trying to say is: things are overwhelming for me to. I hope we can remain connected as we float in this stormy sea of life. I too must decide to go with the flow. Only, I can’t! It’s just not me! I’m a go go go-getter. Like you I think.

    I found your post inspiring–in short–so, thank you.

    Let us focus this year. And zone in on the meat of our work. (You’re vegetarian, aren’t you?)

  2. Marlene, I hope you blog as often as you can. Please remember that there is no set amount of blog posts you need to attain. For those of us who are your followers, we will read what you post when you can post them. Be well and keep writing. xo

  3. I have Tristine Rainer’s book too. It’s one of my favorites. You’re a very ambitious woman, all that you’re doing. I’m a new follower and I look forward to reading your blog when you find the time.

  4. Marlene, I was where you are in terms of writing/parenting conflicts in the early ’90s. Exactly. You seem to have a lot going on, and the balancing act is a tough one, but I think you’re getting a handle on it. Take care, Jane

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