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Imprint: An Introduction

When I was going though my bout of burnout I really wanted to get away from my husband. I fantasized about going back home, to my childhood home, even though the walls are covered with black mould and there is no power or water hooked up.  It seemed like the only place I could go that would be affordable. Actually, it was calling to me. I have always wanted to return home. I hope someday I can or that I grow out of this desire. Nothing worse than wanting something and not working your way there. Or maybe I am and just don’t know it.

Well, as a side to this I have been wanting to write a story about my grandmothers for a really long time. It was the first memoir I ever wanted to write. I discovered an entry in my journal when I was in Grade Eleven that I really hoped I could tell their life story someday. Over the years I have found only a little bit of information on them.  My research has come up empty cause many people that new them are now gone or are vague in what they say.

Piecing together what I know, with a lot of creativity, I started a little story about a year ago about an alternative life path I could have taken during my burnout phase. I have called it Imprint. The story begins with me running away to Rose Valley but my reasons for running back home will be fictional and I don’t know what they are yet. My grandmothers spirits are in the back shed ready to help me on my journey. All the while through the story you will see how their lives have imprinted on me, how their life experiences have been passed down through the generations, how they help me heal and move forward with whatever it is I need to move forward on.

I am pondering the idea of running the story differently. Instead of their spirits being in the back shed I may intertwine our three lives going on at once and you can see how their stories have imprinted on my life. I intentionally started writing this as a screenplay. Maybe someday it still can be one.

Grandma Luneng

My paternal Grandmother, Grandma Luneng

My maternal Grandmother - Grandma Vance

My maternal Grandmother – Grandma Vance

I had the itch to do some writing in it but told myself not to cause I was working on This Old House. Well I gave in. I had to write out my thoughts. The next post will hold Chapter One.


4 thoughts on “Imprint: An Introduction

  1. Sounds like you are experiencing the ripples of your karmic lineage surfacing from within you. Almost as if your ancestry is calling you to create closure by healing the energy lines of re-occurring patterns within your lineage. The women in your history will be especially strong because their feminine power and energy lives on through you. You might find peace if you track these patterns that have been left without closure, and have instead reappeared through every generation. They are whispering to you their legacy of forgotten dreams and peaks left unconquered, and they came to you when you called for them from within. <3

  2. Oh wow, as always–I appreciate your honesty. Running away, going back home and sadly, leaving the lover are things I think of doing too. Too much. But if you’re like me–you write them down and immedietly feel better. In fact you might not want to run anymore at all, rather, make dinner, cuddle.

    It sounds like you need to give in and allow yourself the freedom to write about your grandmothers. Grandma Vance–that’s an interesting name. Just the names themselves in your family draw me in.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings and ideas with us.

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