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6 Lessons Learned: Week One

  1. Routine is key. Find a day and time that works for you and do your darndest to honour it. Experiment and don’t beat yourself up for being all over the map at first. Most people find waking up early or staying up late is the best time for them. Start there.
  2. Perhaps set a word count goal per day or per week? I tested out how long i could write before my brain felt empty. it was about an hour. On average i wrote about 12 words per line so i counted the lines,multiplied it by 12 and i have an approximate word count. now i know i can write roughly 1600 words per day. in my mind i like to keep things in multiples of 5 so i say 1500 words per day. Test out writing for a day or two and see how much time you need to write so many words. Then use that as your daily goal.
  3. You may have to write about a scene many times to get to the heart of it. I have written this scene of me leaving my father a few times. I am getting closer to the core of it. Experiment writing it in different points of view. In my case with my writing about us leaving my dad on the drive way, I could write from my dad’s perspective or from my mom’s. Yet the one that comes to my mind first is my brother David. Why did he just sit on the road waving?
  4. When you get the urge to write, do it. WRITE. No matter the time. If you don’t your heart will ache a smidge for the rest of your life. You will ignore it as best you can. You will try and rationalize it away saying it was so bloody early. I couldn’t have done that and taken care of my kids the next day or functioned at work. Let me tell you, if you write you will find you have unbounding energy that day. No matter how you talk yourself out of it the memory of you not writing, it will resurface so subtly, float into your thoughts, even if for a nanosecond, for the rest of your life. You will remember wanting to write but not having any memory of what it was that needed to get out of you.
  5. Mustering up that energy is tough. Damn tough sometimes. I have been known to lay in bed for an hour mulling over my thoughts and procrastinating on getting out of bed. I like to write while in bed. If I can get my act together before crawling under the covers I try and makes ure I have a notebook, pen and a reading light by my bed. So then I can write and stay warm and snuggly if I wake up in the night.
  6. Be aware of the thoughts in your mind. I have experienced every day this week the desire to not remember yet I have a pull to force myself too. Listen to that part of you that pulls you towards knowing. That is your heart. The other part of you is your ego. Maybe it doesn’t want you to do the work cause it feels you got better things to do. Maybe it doesn’t want you to do the work cause it will be too painful. Maybe it is just trying to control you. Don’t let it.

3 thoughts on “6 Lessons Learned: Week One

  1. Thank you Marlene for this post–I feel like it was written just for me (you don’t have to answer that). I like #5 because it touches on those oh-so-important and epic (I think?) thoughts that come to us shortly before we fall asleep (golldennn) :)

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