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Seasons of Life

My leg is cramped.  Can I straighten them?  I glance up at the clock on my laptop as I use my hands to help untwist my legs from the crisscrossed position in front of me.  Wow, it is 5 o’clock!  I have been sitting here in a trance for four hours.  I can’t believe it.  This genealogy stuff really pulls you in.  I can’t believe all that I found.  I found five generation of ancestors on my paternal mothers side.  What a find!  It is just sad that I can’t find anything more about these people, particularly the women, than their birth, death and marriage dates.  I still wonder who they are, what they loved, and if they laughed boisterously or where mean sour women.  Who were they?

Man, I need to pee!

Around 2005 I was absolutely obsessed with family history.  I wanted to know everything about everyone.  I didn’t care if they were born in the 1600’s I wanted to find someone who knew something about them.  I was as stubborn as a tree.

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Have you ever been obsessed with something where it consumed you for a period of time?  Months, years or weeks?  How did the obsession begin?  What caused it to fade away?  Could it come back?  Does it rest somewhere in the not so distant background?

I am not sure how I discovered ancestry.ca but I did and got hooked on filling in as many blanks as I could.  I fell away from my family history search because no one could, or would, tell me anything about my ancestors.  I found it incredibly discouraging.  I stopped.  In that process I created a role in our family as the go-to person for all things family history related.  When they call I notice a bit of sourness in my tone.  There needs to be something new for me to be sucked back into it.

In November I hope to begin my mostly fictional memoir of my maternal and paternal grandmas.  It is called Imprint.  It started off as a screenplay but I think it will be a novel.  I am signing up for NaNoWrMo.  But this is another story … or blog post.

Write about a time you got lost in an activity?  Was it tax time and you were swept away by numbers?  Do tell!

Note:  The idea of this writing exercise came from the book The Virgina Woolfe Writers Workshop by Danell Jones


3 thoughts on “Seasons of Life

  1. Great writing prompt! And I like what you did with it–the little details (uncrossing your legs, need to pee) make it creatively substantial. Thanks for the great post, Marlene!

    P.S. My aunt Marie is the go-to person in our family for geneology. Thank goodness for her! No one else (well maybe me, eventually) would’ve done it! Geneology rocks!

  2. Thank goodness my Mom did a family history book before her Alzheimer’s. I am grateful for that. But I would like to put info together on my dad’s side and I have wondered about looking into the ancestry sites. What is the best one?

    • Well I really love ancestry.ca (or .com). It is free for the most part. You can pay for a membership and get access to a lot of stuff if you wish. I haven’t done it though although I might. People can access info of your family tree members that are deceased. I know that sounds a bit shady but there are some serious benefits to it.

      Ancestry gives you notification of when others view your family tree and I would love to contact these people to see what they know of my family tree but I can not do that without a paid membership.

      Ancestry is the most credible site in my opinion and it allows you to connect with long lost relatives. It has access to many historical records and data basis. It is the go-to resource.

      Let me know what you think if you try it. Or if you find something you like more please let me know too!

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