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Writers, Does TV Turn Your Brain To Mush?

I have been finding myself watching too much TV lately. Murder, She Wrote to be exact. I know, how can this lady have friends when wherever she goes someone dies? Well I have been watching the show as I do dishes and putz around the house. I am watching because of my usual escape, writing, isn’t as available to me these days. I need to work really hard to find time to write so I am turning to TV as my escape.  It is my drug to compensate for this lack of writing.

Now above I said that writing is my escape from life. Well, it is and it isn’t. It does take me away from the rest of the world for a bit but when I come out of my writing practice I find that I am more connected and grounded than I was before I went into my zone.  Writing and I gotta stick together.

Turning to the good ol’ telly as compensation for a lack of writing doesn’t seem like a cure at all. What a drug. It sweeps me into a world where all I want to do is watch TV. It needs to be restricted. It is like some drug that once you have a bit you need to be careful as it will entice you in again and again.  Addiction could be easily around the corner.  It is my belief that television is the last thing a writer, perhaps all artists fall in this category, should have in their life.  It is does come in it should be in small doses.  No five hours a day on the couch please.

Does anyone else feel this way about television and their art?

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8 thoughts on “Writers, Does TV Turn Your Brain To Mush?

  1. You know I have a similar experience. I had just finished writing a splendid story on political economics and became hungry. I decided on steak rice and baked potatoes for the evening. Just as my meal were being cooked do you know who came over uninvited? Television! Requesting..no..demanding..that I mush my potatoes for a better experience. Broke T.V’s (I gave television a nickname) heart when I said no to mushing and focused on my desired meal!

    What is the moral of my story? I ono… but whenever any form of distraction enters your time of cooling off just be prepared to stick to your desires and hunger for them.

    – Inked Pen

    • Your comment “..stick to your desires and hunger for them” reminds me of something I heard once and wrote it down.

      Upanishads (ancient Vedic text)
      You are your deepest driving desire
      As is your desire so is your will
      As is your will so is your deed
      As is your deed so is your destiny
      Therefore your desires can become your destiny

      Thank you so much for using inspiring me!

  2. Yes! I’m an all or nothing kind of gal, so I swing between weeks of absolute writing focus and months of TV/blogging/Facebook/crafting procrastination. I frequently tell myself it’s about finding a daily balance, but I’m not sure that willever work for my addictive nature.

    • I do find myself doing something similar, having an on and off again romance with TV and then writing. It seems sad that TV affects me so because I do see it as an art and I would like to enjoy someone else’s creative efforts. It is all in the balance as you say!

      • It definitely is an art. I think the problem, with me at least, is in how I watch it. I used to have a writing teacher who’d get cross at us for reading books like ‘readers’ and not like ‘writers’. You have to pay attention if you want to figure out how an author does something. With TV it’s far too easy to sit back and watch something passively. so that even if it’s really good, you finish thinking “that was good” but not really knowing how or why or how you might apply whatever techniques they used to your own storytelling.

    • Yes, my husband is the news junkie in our house. I think we all have something we like to watch. I think there has to a balance for TV and our creative minds as littletash says. I am currently addicted to Murder, She Wrote. Gotta break the habit:)

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