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Memoir Writing: Discover Your Life: How is it going?

I am checking in.  How is it going?  Are you writing?  Boy, I must admit this September has been a challenge for me.  There is so much going on at home I am just swimming.  This post was supposed to happen yesterday and there are not many hours left in today!  How do we keep a schedule?  How do we maintain goals?

It is so easy to pick up your note-book and pen and write today and then leave it for a day, week, month, year or even decade!  Too easy.  We leave it, stumble across it, make an intention to pick it up again and then get busy and never do.  Next thing you know it has been on the to-do list the longest and you wonder if you are ever going to finish it!  Are you?

The other day I read a blog post from a fellow writer.  In it she references a blog post she read that inspired her.  I would like to pass it on to you here and see if helps you find a routine, or to reinstate your desire to write a reflection of your self.  Cause I think recording our views, thoughts, perspectives, events and stories of our worlds is very important and for each one of us it will be for different reasons.  More on that later.

Here is the link and please follow her links.  They are very insightful!

Have a happy week!


4 thoughts on “Memoir Writing: Discover Your Life: How is it going?

  1. Hi Marlene!

    For some reason all my WordPress emails started going to my spam! What a load of crap! I’ll be sifting through past posts for the next few days…I thought everyone dropped out, was busy, school/work/vacation, whatever. But I’m pleased to know you’re still plugging away! Staying organized helps me, not getting too many writing projects going at once, etc.

    Well, hey I’ll get in touch again soon. Look forward to reading your insights..

    • No worries. I have fallen off the face of the world a bit. Homeschooling has been very stressful this year so I have not been on WordPress and following blogs like I wish.
      Today was a bit of a catch up day. Love your new blog by the way!

      • Homeschooling? I admire that! I hope you’ve been finding the time for memoir writing at least :)

        I was laid off from my job–I work for a non-profit, it happens.. I’ll sit on my unemployment for at least a few weeks and set some major writing goals–yippie! That doesn’t happen until November 1st, though.

        Thanks you for your kind words and encouragment, Marlene. Best to you and your memoir-writing. You’re story has stuck with me, I think of it sometimes. It’s so honest and consise.

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