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First Day of School on the Prairies

Today my two oldest daughters return to school.  Happiness, delight and enthusiasm does not show on their faces.

First day of Grade Ten and Grade Twelve

Last night I walked to the girls room to find them both piled on Sherese’s (dark haired girl) bed, watching a movie and devouring candy.  Sherese was given candy from her employer yesterday since they were closing for the season.  Now empty cotton candy containers and sour key chain containers lay on the bed.  Yuck.  They will feel sick tomorrow for no other reason than all that junk.  I know they were doing it to mask their unease about today.

When I checked my email this morning I saw a message from my older sister Elle.  She sent her first kid off to Kindergarden today.  She expressed her emotions about it.  She is full of wonder at a new beginning and all that he may become.  She loves the school system where I do not.

At the end of her email she asked how we (the email was addressed to all my sisters) were when we sent our kids to kindergarden.  This moment of reflection made me realize that I have always been a different mom than most.  For example, I wrote about how I watched other mom’s with video cameras and snapping pictures and felt at the time that I was a bad mom for not even thinking to bring my camera.  Now, on reflection, I didn’t think to bring my camera because I could see my kids were struggling and I was solely focused on that.

Also, when my first child went to preschool she was the only one that didn’t know how to spell her name.  Man I figured I failed her.  I was young and naive and had no idea I was suppose to teach her those things.  My parents always taught me that “kids are suppose to be kids and they will get enough of school and learning when the time comes.” You know, she turned out alright.  She is usually on the high honour role in school and when she wanted to learn to read she did so with such fierceness, often crying as she tried to read the page.  It was absolutely painful for me to watch.  I remember suggesting to her over and over again for us to take a break and she would have none of it.  She reads like the dickens now though.  Always has.  Much of my single parent student loan money went to books for her as well as for my text books when she was ten-ish in age.

Sometimes we stress to much about parenting.  I am probably doing it now.

Well, next week it is Teela who will begin school.  Her I don’t stress too much about.  It is a lot of play time and art and fun in Pre-Kindergarden.  It is when she hits Grade One that I will start to get antsy.  Hopefully by then I will have my husband convinced that I can homeschool her.  Hopefully.

Speaking of which, it was impossible, well almost anyway, to do any of my Oak Meadows stuff this summer.  I posted during the summer that Teela and I were going to start homeschooling in the summer.  Well, I didn’t get the resources until the beginning of August (no fault to Oak Meadows. It was a computer glitch) and then it took me a week or so to read the material over.  We did practice in spurts but I do plan to go ahead and start a routine as of today.  I will keep you posted.  Already I know she loves the morning circle time of songs to start off our day.  We have a nature table where we collect and display things from nature.  It is just to make these things more of a routine.

Off I go.  I hope the world has a glorious school day today.


One thought on “First Day of School on the Prairies

  1. Sigh…back to school. Even though my children are 24 and 20 (yikes!), I still hate this time of year, for I know the end of their relaxing days of summer will become stress-filled sooner rather than later. (Beautiful daughters, you have, and how lucky are you to have a little one, too?) :) Jane

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