What is work?

“A society that treats individuals like a natural resource and puts about all it’s mechanisms to extract everything from them.  Designed to drain us all of our energy in order to feed itself.  We are not encouraged to live our lives instead we are continually distracted from doing so.

We take jobs that set about bleeding as much of us that is possible with careful calculations done to hopefully leave just enough at the end of the day so that we will be able to survive and recoup for the next morning.”

– Discovering The Opposite of Hate by Rene Low, to be published.

This is an excerpt from my friends memoir.  I felt a strong emotion within me when I read this.  I knew immediately I wanted to share it and put it out in the world.  I felt like this before I dove into burnout.  My days seemed empty and I often wondered what the point of life was if it was.

My friend was seven months through his journey in Europe when he said this.  He described his position, or opportunity, as being able to “slip between the cracks of society and take a look at the machinery.”

Have you ever felt this way?  Like you were left just enough energy to get yourself up and head into work the next day?

Check out Rene’s site.


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