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Memoir Writing – Discover Your Life – Timeline

Lets do a timeline.  These posts have been so serious.  Lets lighten things up and record things in a linear way and see a diagram or chart of our life.

I like to use Timeline 3D.  You can insert pictures and it can flip around.  It is very nifty.  I just download the demo and use it.  I haven’t actually purchased it yet.  I plan to.  You can link it to social networks and such with the paid version.  If you have family photos from a vacation, of course they need to be digital, you can put them in timeline and it will sort them by date and you can put captions underneath them.  If you find another way to do timeline go for it.

Of course you can always write it out or draw a graph by hand – birth to 100 years and insert things into it.  I am just too lazy and don’t want to deal with the storage of such a piece of paper.

Importance of a timeline?  Well, I like it cause it puts things in perspective for me.  It shows me how things actually fell into place.  Often I am not sure if something happened in 1983 or was it 85?  When I really have to think about how old I was or what grade I was in and get it down straight it is sometimes amazing to realize some events happened before others and in my mind I had remembered them in the reverse and created some story about it.

Also, I do a cheat sheet.  I wrote down what year and age I was in each grade so when I remember I was in Grade Seven for something I can pull out my sheet and know exactly what age I was.

Go for it and have fun.  Put in all your important years or memories.  The time you first went fishing or played golf.  Or maybe when your dad finally bought a new vehicle and all your friends were in awe over it.  Put it all in there, every memory, pictures too if you have them, and see what kind of masterpiece you come up with.


4 thoughts on “Memoir Writing – Discover Your Life – Timeline

  1. I love this idea! It would make it a lot clearer in my head to do a timeline memoir. Its more point form for those of us who struggle a bit with wording things in an interesting way.

  2. My initial thought was “this is perfect, but do I have the time to do it?” Then I realized: of course I do! I have my entire lifetime (but that will just make the task even bigger). I’ve done this before–not extravagantly but on a half sheet of paper in order to write my memoir, made a timeline. I like the idea of making it a bigger project, it really doesn’t have to take all that long. I hope some other people are trying it too! Great suggestion, thanks for the inspiration :)

    • Yes, I did that too for Sunlight. I timelined the four months it takes place but I also inserted flashbacks.

      I agree you can do this for a life time chronology or for a simple event, like a wedding. You could timeline the steps to get to the alter and insert pictures. Giving you a nice little journal/timeline at the end of the day. It could nicely portray your bridezilla-ness or the fact that you were not a bridezilla. Which every!

      Great for a pregnancy too.

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