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A Fresh Breeze on Homeschooling

I love this and thought I would share it. I hope you all enjoy! Thank you Penny at homeschoolingmiddleeast for this!

Kids can learn so much just by doing the simple daily things we all do every day.  This post is such a great reminder that we are teaching our kids all the time.

Homeschooling Middle East

This is a fun list. Thanks to Anisa Asad of the ‘Bahrain Alternative Education and Homeschooling’ group for passing this one. I know and like ‘I’m homeschooled and I have friends!’ but I haven’t seen this before.


You know you are a homeschooler when…


…Learning isn’t an obligation- it’s a desire.

…You can memorize your library card number in twenty seconds- and your sisters’ too.

…You’re reading one novel for Literature, another for Additional History, a third for Additional Religion- and, but only sometimes- a fourth for Leisure Reading.

…You get movies from the Library about composers, artists, inventors, and the Shroud- and watch them for whatever subjects you can make them fit, that you have for the day.

…You have mold growing in your fridge: on purpose

…Art is everyday- or, if it’s not, you…

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