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Loving What You Do

I see Emily preparing to feed the cats without me having to ask her.  Often I am yelling downstairs to the girls before I go to bed, inquiring as to whether someone has fed the cats.  Then they are feeding them in the dark where skunks and coyotes lurk.  It is early in the evening and she is preparing the powdered goats milk we feed the cats with some kind of joy.  She isn’t whistling yet I can hear her body singing a tune.

Busily I clean up before bed.  Tidying up the table and putting freshly baked chocolate chip cookies away.  I watch Emily run in and out of the house.  I am silently watching her.  Not saying a word.  Normally I would thank her for feeding the cats but I notice this time I don’t want to say thank you.  At least not yet.  I want to watch her.  Enjoy her.  Her happiness is making me feel joyful about my current task as well. Infectious.

She is in and out with food.  We feed cats at different spots.  Some cats don’t get along with other cats so they eat at different spots.  It is funny how we, humans and animals, all naturally formed this rhythm.  In and out she goes, still kind of laughing or chuckling.  She charges in the house at one point trying to beat the mosquitos.  Did I hear her laugh as she closed the door with a huff or is that just joy from her body and I imagined it?  I am not sure but I can tell she is enjoying what she is doing.

How cheesy is it to post a picture of kittens? Well, these kittens are in a pail in a shed by our house. I don’t know how the mother gave birth in a pail but I am proud of her.

I wonder if the cats feel her happiness right now?  I choose to believe the cats feel Emily’s joy in their food tonight.  Doing any work with love is the best way to do work.  I wish everyone joy and ease in their workday today.


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