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Memoir Writing: Discover Your Life – Point of View

What shapes your heart? What is your view of the world?

How do you see the world around you?  Why do you see it differently than your friend, sister or mother?  Perhaps you came to this world with beliefs already instilled in you.  Perhaps you were not a blank slate at birth.  I have three daughters and all of them had tendencies from birth that could not have been taught to them.  Each of them had their unique personalities and there is still nothing I can do about their quirks and point of view of the world.

My daughter Teela sees the world through rejection sometimes.  We were driving down Broadway Avenue (in Saskatoon, SK) and we both noticed a man walking his dog on the sidewalk.  The dog was off leash and following its owner.  Teela saw the scene as the man walking away from his puppy and leaving it behind.  I saw the man check back on his puppy and I think the dog was even carrying something in its mouth, a newspaper perhaps. I thought it was an adorable scene.   It is fascinating that we both noticed the same event but took two different perspectives of it.  Why does this happen?

My daughter Sherese has always been a bit skeptical of people.  As a preschooler she questioned their behaviour and did not trust it.  I still see this spark in Sherese as she is fascinated with dysfunctional families and people with psychological disorders.  The weirder the better.

Emily, my second child, was always ready to go on an adventure.  When I said it was time to go when visiting people she was always the first with her jacket on.  I see that kindle in her now as she prepares to travel the world.

We are all different and see the world differently.  My husband has always been the strong silent type.  I struggle to get him to talk unless it is about politics.  He has also been very good with money even as a young child.  He charged his sisters interest if they borrowed from him.  He also had the desire to read encyclopedias.  Not too many nine-year olds pulled an encyclopedia from the shelf for reading material when I was a kid.

When you wrote your obituary what was the general feeling?  Can you decipher from that how you see the world in a general sense?  I see the world as magical and possible.  I generally trust people and life.  Not always but generally.  I have strong positive beliefs about mothering and my community.  So there has to be some love in my point of view.  Maybe even lots of it.  Tradition and roots are important to me as well regarding my ashes being scattered around the yard of my family home.

What is your point of view of the world?  Is it good?  Can you trust it or do you tell your kids “It’s a hard life out there.”?  Think about common things you may say.  For example are you always encouraging your friends to be wild and crazy, quite their job and travel the world.  Or do you tell them to settle down, get an education, be safe?  What are some of your common themes?  Write about your themes for 10 minutes.  Set a timer and GO!

Photo compliments of my daughter Sherese Luneng


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