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A Bit of Sunlight – The TradeShow

[When I left Carlton Trail Regional College to unknowingly drop myself into a state of burnout, my plan was to start a local garden market store.  As time went on in the planning of it I started to loose interest.  I became more attracted to the idea of shopping in it rather than actually running it.  Really, it was a bit of me longing for the small town feel I grew up with in Rose Valley.]

I stand and stare at my small little table and everything around it that I was going to use to promote my store. There is no space. I give up. I smile. What can I do? Everyone is bustling around hobnobbing.  I might as well join in the fun, accept where I am at and go with it. As I am trying to set up, people are stopping to talk to me. I realize I am feeling ecstatic the more people chat with me. They are not talking about the store, just introducing themselves or introducing me to other people.

I am surprised to realize that I know a lot of people here. I am socializing, supporting, and sharing with other tables. As I move around the hallway chatting with people my skirt twirls and I almost feel as though I am dancing. I feel as light as the air around my skirt as I twirl and visit with everyone. When did I meet all these people? I feel as if I belong to this community. There is so much positive energy. I feel radiant.

What is it about everything here that causes these feelings of joy? Belonging? Connection? Everyone supporting everyone? It is a night where everyone has open arms.

I don’t receive enough support regarding the store but I am o.kay with it. Actually, I feel a bit relieved. Now I can back out gracefully. It is done. I can put this baby to bed and move on.

Things are shifting. I wish I knew what those things were.


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