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Homeschooling No More?

Well, I am going to have to take the homeschooling bit off my blog soon.  I sat and watched my daughter Emily express through tears her extreme desire to go to Korea for an exchange program.  They do not take homeschoolers.

Her tears are not the rantings of an adolescent wanting something she can’t have.  No, she has been wanting this for about 9 months.  She struggled with the idea of gong back to public school in January so she could participate in the exchange.  The exchange program wants to see ‘grades’.  They want to be able to evaluate the participants in a way that they understand.

Emily chatted with the organization herself for a month or more and then off and on since then.  It will be much harder for her to be accepted if they can not see how “smart” she is.  The system is a bit frustrating.

Well, regardless, I am quite certain after our conversation that she will be going back to public school this fall and leaving me in the spring of 2013 or 2014 for Korea.  Honestly, my gut tells me that after she goes to Korea something is going to change – a shift in the universe.  She has such a strong pull to go there, studying the culture and language like an obsession this past year, that I know this is a step in her evolution.

It saddens me to see her leave so young but and I feel excitement to think of where her life could take her after this experience.  Homeschooling this year was what she needed to boost her confidence in herself and have a sturdy step for her journey.


5 thoughts on “Homeschooling No More?

  1. Oh gosh. Such a tough one for a Mum. But yes, she’s obviously very dedicated to this and so should be able to go with it. Aren’t you homeschooling your younger daughter a bit in the summer to see how it goes/see if you can persuade your partner to allow it??

    • Yes, you are right, I am homeschooling Teela during the summer and will continue outside the pre-kindergarden hours when school resumes. I am happy to say that my husband recently said that he is not as against it as I felt he was. Hopefully it won’t take too long for him to come around.

      I felt sad that my journey with Em being homeschool ended so soon. We had just started and I was excited to see where her path would lead us. Now I see that I am there thanks to a friend who pointed out to me that I got exactly what I wanted. Em knows where she needs to go next. I still had it in my head she needed to finish “grade 12” or be “18”, perhaps even older, before she would really know. I knew better but I still had that notion in my head.

  2. Homeschooling your child is a gift to you both. However long, it is something you shall both carry with you throughout your lives. It takes a lot of commitment.

    Thanks for following one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

    Now back to discovering your pages… :)

    Bon courage et bon chance!

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