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This Old House

I do not have poetry ringing through me.  Actually, for the most part I find it hard to understand and have always turned away from poetry.  Lately my interested in it has been growing.  A couple of years ago my daughter Emily needed help with a poetry assignment at school.  When I went to bed that night these two poems just fell out of me.  I know nothing about poetry and I am pretty sure they are not perfect but I am going to put them out there anyhow.  I will work on them and include them into my memoir This Old House.

Childhood Home

This is my childhood home as of last year. It has been abandoned for the last 8 years. Sadly that hasn’t changed its appearance much. I had the most amazing childhood due to being poor. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

This Old House
This old house, worse for wear
On the outside showing a lack of care
One‐pane windows, wooden and rotten
House repairs bottom of the list but not forgotten
“Better to build new then fix this old house”
says the master of the dwelling
With a family of six, and even a mouse
All the while the wife’s anger swelling
For she wanted more
Than a shack with one door.

Me, picking at my fingers, and my sisters.

My Sisters
Four sisters went out to play
They played in the sun for most of the day
They danced and ran and chased the wind
Knowing all the while there was love within

Rain will wash away the old
Now, new beginnings yet to be told
Young blond girls play in water and mud
Rainbows in the sky hit their heart with a thud

Snow would come and out they would go
to frolic and skate in the white fluffy snow
So many stars twinkle in the prairie night
Where the four sisters play in winter delight

Four sisters went out to play
They played in the sun for most of the day
Bringing joy and laughter
To live a life happily ever after


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