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Memoir Writing For Life Purpose #1.a

Well I spent the long weekend thinking about it and I can not leave the importance of my first post on memoir writing as it is.  It is too important.  It was in regards to paying attention to your breath, thoughts and feelings as you move throughout the day.  There are messages and codes in these thoughts.  They are like little birds carrying keys to unlock your past.  Don’t let them fly away.

In this technique I do believe you can find everything you are looking for in discovering yourself on your journey back to the beginning.  The beginning when you were pure of societal’s pressures and you picked your nose anyway.  Or perhaps you ran around naked before someone told you that we must where cloths around people.  Then there are those damn things called manners.  Those manners can really get in the way and teach us things about  who we are suppose to be.  One example is how they educate us on our gender.  As a girl it was really important for me to be self sacrificing.  Even more so, it was important for me to be self-sacrificing as a Luneng.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

I wanted to emphasize one last time ( it won’t be the last time) about being aware of what you are thinking and feeling.  Even now as I sit on this couch I feel I may be a bit saucy in this post because I am trying to manage back pain and lets face it, my pain has to go somewhere.

Please, if you notice your breathing change from a calm, relaxed, steady rhythm, ask yourself what is going on.  It may not be always obvious but keep digging.  Keep asking.  You will get a gift of awareness once in a while and then more often than not.   Secrets to your past lay in these moments.  Don’t let them disappear.  You never know when you will get a memory back.

Take a peek. Look outside of your daily life to see something new and grand.
This picture was taken at my daughters school. Outside of the tunnel she is in lays a playground waiting to be discovered. Just like our memories. Are you ready to play or are you asking yourself “Why would I want to dig up all that stuff from the past?”

As we embark on this journey lets remember to be aware of what is going on within us.  Lets be kind to ourselves because some memories will not be welcomed.  Now, we need to answer the question of why we would even go through all of this and then we will get to the bit on ‘how to remember and what to do with those memories’.

See you next week Monday!


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