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What Is Success?

My daughter Emily came home from school the other day and plopped herself in the chair opposite me at the dinning room table.  Normally she heads straight down stairs so I knew something was on her mind.  (Oh, Emily attends school every other day for one period.  She is taking some electives.  We won’t do that next year.)

She tells me she was chatting with her homeroom teacher during the day.  The teacher asked her if she would be caught up if she did decide to return to the public school system next year.  Emily said no, cause science and math have not been our focal point and what we study in other subjects is way different than what the system has laid out.  The teachers response was, “Oh.”  She expresses her frustration in her teacher because they had just been talking about what she had been doing for the year and felt very insulted.

Emily then tells me that there is a quote on a poster in the library where she works on her own thing after her class.  She lifts up her hand and I see ink writing all across her palm.  She reads it to me.

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”

– David Frost

“Teachers should really take some of the advice that is around them.” she says.

Emily heading down her own path (at the Meewasin trail around the Saskatchewan River).

For me, watching Emily sit in front of me now full of confidence and knowingness, I feel proud.  I see that she has come a long way.  We both have on this homeschooling journey.  Many people have challenged us and given us questioning looks.  In the beginning of our adventure in homeschooling we would let them get to us cause we were unsure with what we were doing.  I was worried I was messing up her life despite my heart telling me otherwise.  Now we both sit here and know.  We are good.  This is the right path for us and it feels awesome.  I love that Em was able to stand tall in this situation and not let her teacher’s opinion get her in a muck.


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