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Memoir Writing For Life Purpose Suggestion #1

Well folks, I can’t stress this first point enough.  It is is the primary, the core, the everything.  You need to be aware of your breath, thoughts and feelings.

When you are at the till and you notice you are starting to get a bit anxious try to be aware of this.  Be curious about what your thoughts are and what is causing your breath to change.

Perhaps you are writing something and start to feel upset, shift your writing to the feeling instead of your story.  Or finish your story and see if you can find a core belief (s) hidden in that story.

Today I was packing a lunch for my family to head out to our Kinsmen Park.  I was rushing around the kitchen worried about what I was going to put into our picnic basket.  I wanted our lunch to look good.  Then all of a sudden I realized this need to impress and questioned it further as I continued packing.  It wasn’t about impressing anyone.  It was about not looking desperate or poor.  Growing up poor perhaps had an impact on me in terms of food or packing for social events?  Time to write and investigate this further, I thought.

You can be doing the most mundane thing like I was, packing a lunch.  See, listen and feel but most importantly be aware.  You really need to see who you are and what is triggering you to behave in certain ways.  Often I notice a change in my breath first.

I was in a workshop and a lady kept talking about other people and herself being incompetent.  Finally the facilitator of the group brought to her attention the number of times she used the word ‘incompetent’.  It was such an ah-ha moment for her.  I am certain she went home and dove into this.

I know we are all busy but take a minute as often as you can during the day to check in and see how you are doing.  You will be surprised where stories from the past creep up.


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