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Homeschooling Perspective

Adults admire their environment; they can remember it and think about it; but the child absorbs it.

– Creative Play For Your Toddler by Christopher Clouder & Janni Nicol

What do you think of this quote?


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Perspective

  1. Children naturally believe that what they are exposed to is normal and acceptable. So when it comes to education they need those who are positive role models that provide them opportunities to form their own opinions and ideas. I’m not convinced that they receive this consistently in the public school system.

    • Yes I agree. I feel there can be a bit of cultivation in the school system to fit norms not allowing original thought. Even having grades and specific learning requirements for each grade puts children in a category that general society can feel comfortable with and understand.

      In the quote I love the part about children absorbing their environment. I think that may be true. We have often said they are like sponges and soak up anything. Or they are listening even though we think they are playing quietly in the corner. They are absorbing their environment. Love it.

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