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Crazy Or Not?

I have been thinking about those crazy moments where everyone in your life tells you to not do something yet you feel compelled to go ahead with it anyway.

Maybe you are dating someone and everyone tells you to leave him or her. Or perhaps you want to move back to your old home town where there is nothing. You feel compelled to move forward with your crazy schemes yet those closest to you say don’t do it.

Maybe you make a career choice that is a bit of leap. Once again, friends and family expressed concerns.

When is your idea or desire genius and you need to break free from the group and when is it crazy and you should follow your friends? Can you tell the difference beforehand or is it your journey regardless of it being a good or bad decision, perhaps you have some karmic lesson to learn from the decision or action?



2 thoughts on “Crazy Or Not?

  1. What’s your gut feeling I guess. And has your gut feeling been trustworthy before? One does tend to second guess one’s gut feeling but one usually knows it’s there, there for a reason and is almost always right – even if it’s hard to acknowledge the journey that’s going to take one on! I’m thinking you might be talking about homeschooling? What the gut tells us is right for one’s child is a strong instinct and so worth going with, at least for a time, for a try.

    • I like what you say about it being a gut feeling. Even if it turns out to be a mistake perhaps it was meant to be. Homeschooling is definitely one of those moments for me. Another recent example is President Obama voicing that he supports same sex marriage. He took a leap in my opinion. For better or worse it is out there now. A shift has been made and the world is screeching and grinding with change and adjustment like an old car that has been sitting still for a long time and just got some oil.

      I have always wanted to move back to my dead-end town. Nothing much there yet I love it. Everyone tells me it will be a mistake. One day I am going to move and learn for myself how big of a mistake it is. I can’t not go. A force is pushing me there and it is out of my hands no matter how illogical it is.

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