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Going All The Way

Yesterday’s blog, The Golden Age, was a challenge for me. I had so much I wanted to say and I was struggling to make it all make sense and not be five pages long. It was sounding so confusing. I tried to pull sentences out of the post but then it seemed without substance. This difficulty caused me to start saying things like I suck at blogging. I hate blogging. I just can’t write. I can never get my thoughts straight. None of which is true.

When I start to put myself into a temper tantrum I know it is time to walk away and distract myself. The best is to get outside and watch my border collie, Chances, chase birds. It is such a treat to see him so excited that I completely forget about everything else. If him chacing birds doesn’t work him chasing farm equipment does.  Then, just when my mind goes blank a picture comes to mind. The creative space was so full of nonsense it needed to wait until there was room to give me more information. Much like the cartoon Pinky Dinky Doo when she has her big idea.

I realized I was trying to touch on so many topics and subcategories and I really needed to choose one and run with it. This is harder than it sounds. It took me 2 more hours, total of 5, to get The Golden Age the way I felt satisfied enough to publish it although I was not in love with it.

I head to bed that night with the post still on my mind. Then a few positive things came to mind.  They seem so obvious in hindsight. I realized that I had a lot to say and that is a good thing. That means I am passionate about the issue and I can use what I cut out for other blog posts, other stories to tell. I found one of my writing niches. Being overwhelmed with a post only means that I need to pursue it further.


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